The CONCEPTUAL POETICS DAY is an annual event that explores the imaginary border between visual art and literature.

— lectures, readings, discussions or other forms that navigate on both sides of the imaginary border between visual art and literature

— books that fall within the area of what is or could be POSTNAIVE

— thoughts, images, texts or thoughts that are somewhat more explicit, sometimes strategic… sometimes indulging in borrowing, stealing, appropriating, inheriting, assimilating… being influenced, inspired, dependent, indebted, haunted, possessed… quoting, rewriting, reworking, refashioning… a re-vision, reevaluation, variation, version, interpretation, imitation, proximation, supplement, increment, improvisation, prequel… pastiche, paraphrase, parody, forgery, homage, mimicry, travesty, shan-zhai, echo, allusion, intertextuality and karaoke.