Conceptual Poetics Day 2022
Nontsikelelo Mutiti Box Braid Colour Study, 2022

Saturday, April 30, 2022

Miss Read Stage
Haus der Kulturen der Welt
John-Foster-Dulles-Allee 10
10557 Berlin
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12:00 Craig Dworkin 
Pli selon pli

This talk investigates the pliability of paper and the degree to which the material substrate of Stéphane Mallarmé’s Un coup de Dés [...] goes beyond a mere format to become an active form for the poem. Understanding the constraints and affordances of this material form has implications for the imagery, thematics, and argument of the poem, as well as casting the many derivative works, translations, and editions of Mallarmé’s provocative work in a new light.

13:00 Annette Gilbert, Hannes Bajohr & Andreas Bülhoff 
Literature’s Elsewheres and the Digital

What is a literary work? In Literature’s Elsewheres Annette Gilbert tackles this question by deploying an extended concept of literature, examining a series of diverse radical, experimental works from the 1950s to the present that occupy the liminal zone between art and literature.
Today, all literature is digital but only some are aware of that fact. Hannes Bajohr and Andreas Bülhoff will discuss the question in which sense we can speak of digital literature and what this implies for knowledge about literature and digitality. Both are authors of genuinely digital poetry and literary scholars in personal union. Accordingly, they will both read from and talk about their works and demonstrate their digital writing and production environments from text editor to AI.

The occasion for the event is the publication of Annette Gilbert’s monographic study “Literary´s Elsewhere’s” (MIT Press), Hannes Bajohr’s collection of essays “Schreibenlassen. Texte zur Literatur im Digitalen” (August Verlag 2022), and Andreas Bülhoff’s zine collection “sync” (sync edition, 2022).

14:00 Magdalena Kallenberger, Maicyra Leão & Isabell Spengler (MATERNAL FANTASIES) 
Maternal Fantasies (Onomatopee)

Re-Assembling Motherhood(s) invites the reader to learn about and from Maternal Fantasies’ feminist research and collective artistic practice on motherhood(s), care work and representation in the arts.

15:00 Jeaninne Kantara & John A. Kantara 
May Ayim. Radikale Dichterin, sanfte Rebellin

Jeannine und John werden Werke von May Ayim aus “blues in schwarz weiss & nachtgesang” (Unrast Verlag) vorstellen. Zunächst geht es um May Ayim als Person, dann um ihre Gedichte und Texte. Beide kannten May Ayim und waren Mitbegründer*innen der Initiative Schwarzer Menschen in Deutschland, außerdem sind sie Beiträger*innen in dem Buch “May Ayim. Radikale Dichterin, sanfte Rebellin”. (Unrast Verlag)

16:00 Nontsikelelu Mutiti 
Kusina Mai

Performance lecture and listening session with live annotations. The playlist, Kusina Mai compiled by Nontsikelelo Mutiti acts as a sonic map, charting out aspects of the immigrant experience as narrated through song by Souther African musicians. Song lyrics stand in as a diary of experiences that reflect the adventure, longing and complexities of the immigrant experience.

17:00 Leon Munoz Santini & Andrea Garcia Flores 
Logostasis (Gato Negro & Miau Ediciones)

An uncanny journey into the realms of non-creativity.

17:30 Anne König, Inga Frohn & Lena Müller (Spector Books) 
Wir werden schöne Tage sehen – Briefe aus dem Gefängnis

Presentation of “Wir werden auch schöne Tage sehen – Briefe aus dem Gefängnis” by Zehra Dogan (Spector Books). The book is a compilation of letters written by Kurdish artist and journalist Zehra Doğan to her Turkish friend Naz Öke during the 600 days she spent in prison between June 2017 and February 2019. The letters—written in Turkish and translated into French by Öke and Daniel Fleury (Nous aurons aussi de beaux jours: Écrits de prison, published in 2019 by Éditions des femmes – Antoinette Fouque.)—bear witness to the political arbitrariness that Doğan and her fellow prisoners were victims of. They speak of the conditions in the prisons of Diyarbakir and Tarsus, of the narrow confines of the cells, through whose tiny windows two stars shine every night, and of the women whose solidarity gives Doğan strength and whose stories she wants to record as a way of drawing the world’s attention to the fate of the many Kurdish prisoners in Turkey who have been unjustly imprisoned.

18:15 Tina Merz & Tomma Galonska 
3 worte nur oder vier (par(ent)esis & grafatório)

Presentation of the publication “3 worte nur oder vier” by the German artist Tomma Wember (1919–2008). The bilingual edition (German/Portuguese) was co-edited by par(ent)esis and grafatório (Brazil). It is a collection of 21 insert-words (Wort-Gefüge, as defined by the artist) – a precious find of conceptual art. The Portuguese translation was performed by the Brazilian-German artist Tina Merz in conversation with Sofia Mariutti. With a bilingual reading, Tina Merz and Tomma Galonska (daughter of the artist and herself a performer) will present the work and then report on Tomma Wember's work and the current publication process.